Past, Present & Future

Preserving the Past

Imagery has an extraordinary effect on history. There are few people in this world who work to preserve the imagery, language, and history of the past. For almost 50 years, Nathaniel Montague has collected Black History memorabilia, amounting to thousands of historical documents and pieces of visual communication. Due to financial constraints, his collection has been seized, and is up for sale. The fear is that the individual pieces of the collection will part ways, and be sold piece by piece to the highest bidder. There is fascinating wonder in the idea of seeing all of these pieces together. Sometimes an image conveys more when juxtaposed next to related material. As a fan of collecting, I understand the heartache this man must be going through. I can only hope that an institution can see the value of his collection as a whole.
[via CNN]

See The Video Here 


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