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Grainy, but wonderful.
[Union Square Station—Manhattan, NYC]


[Blue Ridge Flea Market—Saylorsburg, PA]

Virtual Travel: The Heidelberg Project – Detroit, Michigan

The Heidelberg Project is a unique art environment located in the heart of Detroit’s East Side. The project’s main focus is to take a stand to save forgotten neighborhoods and to heal communities through art. Founder and artistic director Tyree Guyton uses everyday, discarded objects to transform a once closely abandoned area into an area full of color, symbolism, and creativity. The project has been around for about 26 years and  is recognized around the world as a demonstration of the power of creativity to transform lives.

When I stumbled over the project on Google Maps while perusing through Detroit I couldn’t help but smile at the colorful houses and art displays juxtaposed against the normal images of urban decay. If you would like to peruse the project on your own, check out the Heidelberg Project Google Street view!

[via Google Maps]


Another geometric beauty at the train station.
[Woodside, Queens, New York]



While experiencing a wonderful meal last night I couldn’t help but admire the early evening sunlight and colors surrounding me. Sometimes food can be so beautiful that you don’t even want to eat it. [Pachanga Patterson—Astoria, New York]


Another beautiful camera phone glitch!
[Brooklyn, New York]

Beef Lunch, Beer Dinner

A wonderful phone camera glitch!
[Brodheadsville, PA]

Virtual Travel: Kamsack, Saskatchewan, Canada

A small history of a small town — This town in Canada, with a population of about 1,700 people, has fertile land, a scenic location, and great weather. The name Kamsack came from an early post office of the same name, which was located in one of the early settlers’ homes. The town was doing well until the great depression when the population dropped rapidly. In 1944 a tornado hit the area destroying homes and businesses. After 2 million dollars in damages, the veterans from WWII helped rebuild the area which reinstated the business, public and residential sections of the town.
[via Wikipedia & Google Maps]


[Manhattan, NY]

No Soliciting

[Astoria, New York]