Past, Present & Future



[Boston, Massachussets]


Green Acres

[Muscoot Farms—Katonah, New York]

Follow That Dog!

[Park Avenue—Manhattan, New York]

Beware of Dog

Perhaps in the future it will say “Beware of Robot Dog”
[Astoria, NY]

Virtual Travel: St. Petersberg, Russia

There are tons of countries on Google Maps that have no street view presence, whether it be uncharted territory or a national opposition. However, sometimes a country has just a few cities or towns represented with street imagery. This was the case with St. Petersberg, Russia. When I see one small cluster of streets light up amongst a vast empty space on the map I can’t help but explore.
[via Google Maps.]

Westminster Kennel Club: Corgis

I came across this video today from the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. It features some adorable Pembroke Welsh Corgis (my favorite dog) being carted around the traditional dog show stage by their fancily dressed owners. While I always feel like the dogs look really confused, I can’t help but watch them scurry along the floor over and over again. [via]