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Affectional Affliction

As children we find comfort in familiarity. We are told to stay away from strangers, and are apprehensive when we encounter something new or different. Imagery and visual perception plays a huge role in the way we maneuver through life from childhood to adulthood. Anthony Smith, a young New Hampshire boy, wears a hearing aid and recently informed his mother that he didn’t want to wear it. Anthony is an avid fan of comic books and superheros. His bedroom is decorated with posters and bedsheets depicting the characters and imagery we all know and love. He sees these images every day, and they bring him happiness and joy. However, Anthony started to realize that none of the super heroes wore hearing aids. In his eyes, they don’t need to face adversity, or use aids to get through life, they are super after all. Realizing the hearing aid has positively influenced her sons life, his mother took measures to ensure her son felt confident about himself and his needs. She wrote Marvel Comics seeking examples of superheros that experienced hearing loss. To her surprise Marvel quickly responded with an image of the superhero Hawkeye, who wears hearing aids due to 80% hearing loss. Alongside this example they sent a drawing of a new character who wore a hearing aid. He is named “Blue Ear” after the name Anthony and his mother have given to his hearing aid.

The things we see affect our lives immensely. These images sent by Marvel will likely change this Boy’s perception of his life for many years to come. This act of kindness may have only taken a short time to implement, but an hour of work on their part probably meant the world to this boy. This type of strength in the sense of visual perception, I believe, is too often taken for granted.

Today, I can smile.
[via My Fox Boston]