Past, Present & Future


Corner Store

[Fulton Street—Brooklyn, NYC]



[Boston, Massachussets]


While experiencing a wonderful meal last night I couldn’t help but admire the early evening sunlight and colors surrounding me. Sometimes food can be so beautiful that you don’t even want to eat it. [Pachanga Patterson—Astoria, New York]

Beef Lunch, Beer Dinner

A wonderful phone camera glitch!
[Brodheadsville, PA]


[Manhattan, NY]

No Soliciting

[Astoria, New York]

Edible Baubles

Seeds Trust is a 25 year-old family seed company dedicated to teaching people how to save their own seeds, grow a delicious home garden and create stunning native landscapes. Seedsman Greg Schoen recieved the seeds for “Glass Gem Corn” from his “seed teacher” Carl Barnes, an 80 year old part-Cherokee man, in Oklahoma. He left samples of several corn varieties, including glass gem. Greg grew out a small handfuls just to see what happened.

I don’t think there is a person on this planet that would not want to know what this tastes like.

Anti-Theft Brownies

This seems like a good way to make sure no one eats any brownies before Easter dinner.
[Long Island, New York]

So Fresh And So Clean

These colorful images for IKEA, by Stockholm based designer Carl Kleiner, really caught my eye this afternoon. These organized ingredients show us a rare view of the prepping process and give us an interesting look at what goes into our food. I should begin preparing my meals like this, although my small apartment probably doesn’t have enough counter space! [via Carl Kleiner]

Canned Conundrum

One of these things is not like the other…
[Astoria, New York]