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Virtual Travel: America Squared

Any quick birds eye view of America’s plains will always glamor the eye with sprawling grid systems, giving us a wonderful vision of personal boundaries, ownership, and property.
[via Google Maps]



South Dakota



Virtual Travel: Chiang Mai, Thailand

[via Google Maps]

Building the Foundation

For some months now, there has been construction on my street in Queens. As a result, I found some great shapes this morning!
[Astoria, NY]

Edible Baubles

Seeds Trust is a 25 year-old family seed company dedicated to teaching people how to save their own seeds, grow a delicious home garden and create stunning native landscapes. Seedsman Greg Schoen recieved the seeds for “Glass Gem Corn” from his “seed teacher” Carl Barnes, an 80 year old part-Cherokee man, in Oklahoma. He left samples of several corn varieties, including glass gem. Greg grew out a small handfuls just to see what happened.

I don’t think there is a person on this planet that would not want to know what this tastes like.

Boarded Up

There has been a ton of construction on my street lately. Buildings are being torn down and replaced with new, modern structures. Change is good, but the process towards that change is often hectic, chaotic, and beautiful.
[Astoria, NY]

A Shady Spot

[Astoria Pool—Astoria, NY]

April Fools: 8-bit

Anything relating to Google Maps always fascinates me. A large portion of this blog is dedicated to the extensive imagery and opportunities to virtually travel that the service provides us. Today/Tomorrow (depending on where you are in the world), Google has done it again with an 8-bit version of their large array of images and maps. This is definitely not something to miss. [via Google Maps]


A bunch of  scraps from a few sketches I was working on using different kinds of tape.. I almost like the scraps better than the actual sketch. [Long Island City, New York]

Right Place at the Wrong Time

Through my Virtual Travel endeavors on Google Street View I come across some pretty eye-catching imagery. However, sometimes the Google Street View Car picks up images that, while interesting, don’t mesh well with the overall purpose of the service. Google usually takes these images down as soon as they are found, but part of me thinks they should stay up or be documented as beautiful, still, photographic moments in time. Check out more of these gems here! [Via The Guardian]

Digital Snowstorm Aftermath

This NYC blizzard has put NYC at a short, slushy, unexpected standstill. After I left work I went to make my subway transfer and slipped down a few steps at 59th street station. My finger and backside fell victim to some bruises. Little did I know my Sony eReader also took the plunge. I am upset with my $100 slip up but the end result, while unfortunate, is nothing less than a beautiful pattern of errors.