Past, Present & Future



A diagram of my mouse movements for today on two screens (laptop and display.) What does your workday look like?
[via IOGraphica]


WLT World

It’s not very often that a post falls under all three categories of Past, Present, and Future. However, the blog I Love Typography has succeeded! They have embarked on a project to document the worlds most beautiful signage through mobile snapshots coupled with geotagging. This project analyzes the history of signage retrospectively, shows us what signage still exists, and ensures that the future will still hold these beautiful images when the physical pieces are long gone.
[via I Love Typography]

Fifty Percent

Sometimes you only need a small piece to understand the jist of a message.
[via Dave Martin on Flickr]

Chip It: Color Palettes

The paint gurus at Sherwin-Williams has created a color picking web-app that creates comprehensive color palettes from almost any photograph or image on the web with just one click. The result is called Chip It! and while this tool is meant to help people buy the correct paint colors, I can see myself using this tool regularly in my own work. This is very nice change from the normal, invasive, and unusable promotional “apps” that seem to dominate the internet lately. Enjoy!

(After writing this post, a friend informed me of the Sherwin-Williams Android app Color Snap. Check it out!)

The Color of Retail

While browsing flash sales at the luxury retail website Gilt, I came across a conglomeration of eye catching, colorful products. Each shot on a dueling background, these Menwear images made my evening of internet browsing much brighter.